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Yup, well, I just returned form my friend's house, and going to his school with him on Friday was a lot of fun. We got up at 6 and got to the school at about 7-ish. At breakfast in his school, my friend introduced me to some of his friends. First class was science, and he seemed to be the only one working (Chemical equations) and I sat with him (duh) and workied with him on some of the things he did in his class. Next class was Spanish. And I thought my Spanish class was hard! They had to speak entirely in Spanish (almost) and they learn a lot of cultural things, like about painters and such. After that was a short snack period (awesome!!!) Then was art. We attempted to make a origami butterfly, but the directions were kinda...indirectional, so we had a hard time. After this period, we had lunch. My friend's mom packed me a lunch, so that's what I had. The fourth and last period was History. My friend had a test that period, so I played his DS for a minute, then the teacher gave me a book to read about American History. We left school at 1:20, and his mom drove us home. Overall, the school was pretty interesting, and I didn't have a problem with anyone. I got sorta sick that day, and I still feel kinda sick as I write this, but it's all okay. And that's how the shadowing went.
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